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Nexetic Backup is reliable, secure and fast way to backup data on Microsoft 365. Over 5000 customers use Nexetic Backup every day to ensure business continuity.

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Microsoft 365 backup

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Google Workspace backup

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Backup Windows & MacOS

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Backup Windows servers

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business customers
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Secure your valuable data before it is too late

You never know when your valuable data will disappear. Now is a good time to secure that it won’t.

Nexetic Backup
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 data backup
39 mo
  • Exchange backup
  • One Drive backup
  • SharePoint backup
  • Restore portal

Nexetic Backup

Computer backup
00 mo
  • From 25 Gt. Also limitless
  • Backup every 15 minutes
  • Easy to deploy
  • Quick retrieval

Nexetic Server Backup

Windows server backup
00 mo
  • Capasity from 50 Gt
  • Database backup
  • Quick retrieval
  • Delta Grid technology

Nexetic Backup Google

Google Workspace backup
99 mo
  • Gmail backup
  • Google Drive backup
  • Team Drives backup
  • Backup portal