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The strategic partnership will be the key to future success stories

At the early stages of ALSO Cloud, we started looking for reliable Finnish cloud backup partners. Nexetic represented what we were looking for and we found a spark already at the first meeting. At ALSO, we knew that the market needed a Finnish partner in the backup segment. Nexetic was with no doubt the best option of the Finnish partners and we got an interesting new service to our cloud portfolio.

Nexetic was not a familiar company, but we found a common ground quickly. The strategic partnership has got a good beginning, the product has sat well in our distribution channel and our cooperation has been excellent. Nexetic has a desire to invest in distribution through ALSO and we encourage each other. We are constantly looking for new partners together and we meet them together. The cooperation has been so good that we have offered Nexetic the opportunity to internationalize to the ALSO countries, which has already started in the Nordic countries. Nexetic is really popular in our range. Global Microsoft is our largest cloud partner, Nexetic backup services is the next best-selling value-added service. The most important sales arguments from the point of view of both the merchant and the retailer and the end customer are the ease of buying and selling as well as supporting.

Problems occur very seldom, which tells about the quality of Nexetic’s product, but if support is needed, personal service is always quickly available. Personality is reflected in the fact that we have our own contact person, whether it is technical support, business matters or sales.
We are more than satisfied with Nexetic. We are investing in them and they are investing in us, the chosen strategic partnership will be the key to future success stories.

Antti Siitama

Cloud Business Advisor

ALSO Finland Oy


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