Nexetic Backup Google Workspace

Protect your critical business data on Google Workspace

Nexetic Backup Google provides automatic backup of your company’s critical data. Instant data recovery, GDPR compatibility, protection against user error and malware.

From €3.99 / month per user 

Why you need to be protected

No Native Backup

G Suite doesn’t offer any native backup other than limited time recycle bin and version history. This presents potential security risks.


Ransomware can also encrypt all your files on cloud. File sync programs make this scenario even more worse.

Service Interruptions

When G Suite experiences technical problems, you can log into to Nexetic portal and access the information.

End User Mistakes

Almost 60% of data loss on cloud is due to end user errors. Accidental file deletions and unwanted changes to shared files can cause excessive damage.


Information is backed up and stored in EU. You are able to restore data fast and reliably.

Email Archive

Malicious data deletion is a common problem. Also you never know when you need to retrieve an old email for legal cases.

You are in good company

business customers
+ years

32 % of companies have lost data on cloud

Protect your business critical data on Google Workspace

Fast deployment

Easy to start

You don’t need to install any software. With one click of a button you can turn on backup for all users and all your data on Google Workspace.

All Your Information is Protected 24/7

Backup is continuous so all your data is protected always and everywhere.

Continuous Backup

Backup is continuous so all your data is protected always and everywhere. Automatic backup twice a day.

Fast data search & restore

Restore to your computer. Restore to cloud.

You can restore data to your local computer or back to Google Workspace environment.

Go Back in Time

You can also access and restore previous versions. Also deleted emails and files.

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Hassle-free maintenance

See status of all users in one view

You can see all your company's computers from the Nexetic Backup Google portal.  You can for example monitor backup and add new users.

Restore Portal

You can login with Google credentials. Also permissions are herited from Google Workspace. Administrators and end users can easily search and restore data.

Safe haven for data

Our data centers are located in Europe.  All data is encrypted before it is transferred from Google Workspace Nexetic Cloud.

Data remains encrypted during transmission and in our data centers. Information is encrypted automatically by customer-specific encryption key.

Secure your valuable data before it is too late

You never know when your valuable data will disappear. Now is a good time to secure that it won’t.

Nexetic Backup

Backup of Google Workspace
39 mo.
  • Gmail backup
  • Google Drive backup
  • Team Drives backup
  • Restore portal
  • 50 GB capacity per user

Nexetic Backup

Extra disk space
83 starting mo.
  • 50 GB, 100 GB, 250 GB, 1 TB
  • Disk space pool is shared for all users
  • Usually extra disk space is not needed