Ibas Ontrack

Digital Care Plan

Shield Backup Win + Mac Unlimited Plus includes Ontrack Digital Care Plan (ODCP)

Total data protection in all cases. If you can’t restore data with Shield Backup, for example important files are not part of backup set, you can enroll your laptop or desktop in ODCP and get  access to global data recovery services provided by Ontrack. If a data loss event occurs, ODCP covers 100% of the costs associated with the data recovery effort.

The Data Recovery Process is Simple

When you experience a data loss restore data with Shield Backup Win + Mac. Nexetic Support can assist with the restore process.

If for some reason all data can’t be restored with Shield Backup, for example important files are not selected to backup set, Nexetic Support submits a data recovery request to Ibas Ontrack.

Ontrack’s automated workflow is set in motion, making the service effortless for you. The ODCP leverages our global infrastructure – 22 labs worldwide – so wherever you need data recovery, Ontrack is there.

Ibas Ontrack

Ibas AS, Nordics leading specialist in Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and Data Erasure products and services, is a fully-owned operation of KrolLDiscovery. Ibas has during the past 39 years operations grown from a two-man company in 1978 peaking to a Stock listed company in 2004, acquired by Kroll Ontrack Ibas in 2006, finally acquired by LDiscovery in 2016. Ibas is internationally well respected for its expertise in recovering valuable information for its customers. Many of world’s largest operations and public authorities all over Europe are on Ibas customer list. After the LDiscovery acquisition Ibas is responsible for the Nordic region; subsidiaries are in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Holland, Head Office is located in Kongsvinger, Norway.

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