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Easy and reliable way to back up your computer

Shield Backup Win + Mac automatically backs up your computer files over the Internet to Nexetic’s data centers in Finland. If your laptop breaks down, gets lost or stolen, you can restore all the files it contains to another computer by pressing one button.


Easy deployment

Built-in intelligence makes installation process fast and easy.   

Automatic Configuration

By default the whole computers important files are backed up. You can easily change the default settings if needed and choose what files are safe.

Install and Forget It

It works out of the box. Easy to install. Nexetic Shield Backup is reliable and stable with self-healing capabilities.

All your files are protected 24/7

Backup is continuous so all your data is protected always and everywhere.

Continous Backup

All files are backed up every 15 minutes.

Powerful and Transparent

Backup works in background and it doesn't slow your computer.

Optimised Bandwidth Usage

File needs to be uploaded only once. If file is changes, only changed parts of the file need to be uploaded. This saves more than 90% network usage.

Fast data restore

You never know when disaster happens and you need to restore your information. We have taken several measures to ensure successful and fast restore for you.

Restore with Confidence

Nexetic Shield checks that all files are backed up. The data integrity is validated for all data. Multiple copies of backups are kept, just in case.

Go Back in Time

You can restore the latest version or select from previous versions.

Manage all computers in one place

You can see all your company’s computers from the Nexetic Shield Control Panel.  You can for example monitor backup, set smart alerts and add new users.

For Managed Service Providers we offer MSP Portal with multi-tenant support.

Safe haven for data

Our data centers are located in Europe.  All data is encrypted before it is transferred from the computer to Nexetic cloud.

Data remains encrypted during transmission and in our data centers. Information is encrypted automatically by customer-specific encryption key.

Secure your valuable data before it is too late

You never know when your valuable data will disappear. Now is a good time to secure that it won’t.

Shield Backup
Win + Mac 25 GB

Computer backup
00 mo.
  • 25 GB capacity
  • Continous backup
  • Easy deployment
  • Fast restore

Shield Backup
Win + Mac 50 GB

Computer backup
00 mo.
  • 50 GB capacity
  • Continuous backup
  • Easy deployment
  • Fast restore

Shield Backup
Win + Mac Unlimited

Computer backup
00 mo.
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Continuous backup
  • Easy deployment
  • Fast restore

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